Pointed Witch Hat

The Barn Witch

Drawing of Owl

Escape Room

$30 Per Person

$20 Basic Members

$10 Builder Members

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A Barn Witch lives in The Barn Lodge.  She's obsessed with her trinkets and antiques.  If she finds anyone dare to touch her things, she will cast a spell on them and turn them into ghosts so that they can't touch anything anymore! 

In this escape room, you'll only have forty minutes to find the clues in the witches layer in order to move through the three locked rooms towards your escape, otherwise the Barn Witch will start turning your party into ghosts one by one every ten minutes until no one is left to escape!  If you break something of hers she will hear you, and she will get you immediately!  So work quickly, be careful, and try not to be too loud, otherwise the Barn Witch might get you!

This Escape Room has a limit of 4 people to play,

Maximum of 8 people.